Nitrous oxide sedation
for cosmetic treatments

One of Grodenta's specialties is nitrous oxide sedation for cosmetic/plastic surgical treatments. With laser hair removal, fillers, liposuction and many other treatments, your patient will experience mild or irritating pain that can give the complete experience a negative edge. A quick nitrous oxide sedation application can easily relieve pain and any stress/anxieties.

Apart from a distinctive character for your practice, you also increase the percentage of repeat treatments as the patient experience is greatly improved! The set-up of our equipment is completely tailored to the wishes and needs of your practice, your patients and your treatments.

Delivery Systems

For example, we work with different delivery systems, a transparent light adhesive mask for the nose for short treatments on the face or body, a mouthpiece for treatments of the nose and a full-face mask for long and radical treatments for which only local anesthetics are currently used. The application can remain in place throughout the treatment to prevent leakage.


Grodenta offers various options for extracting the gases. The equipment can be connected to the medical vacuum or you can use the built-in suction pump from Grodenta. Grodenta also supports you in improving or installing the correct room extraction


Most sedation devices using, for example, Relivopan, Kalinox or Meopa only allow the physician to administer 50% nitrous oxide, which often causes oversedation, anxiety and nausea. In contrast, Grodenta's system allows the physician to mix oxygen and nitrous oxide from 0% to 50%. This makes it possible to adjust the amount per patient which contributes to comfort.
After treatment, it is easy to switch to 100% oxygen to safely wash out the remaining nitrous oxide from the patient's body. After this, the patient can return to traffic or everyday activities without any side effects.

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