Nitrous oxide sedation
for dental treatments

With 30 years of experience and expertise in the field of nitrous oxide sedation/anxiolysis within the dental industry, Grodenta is the right party to help you advise, teach and support. Through years of collaboration with various educators and universities, Grodenta has developed into a knowledge base.

Nitrous oxide sedation applied in your dental practice

double mask system om ensure the safety of both dentist and patient. By separating the supply and discharge at the mask system, both wastage and leakage are greatly reduced. This latex-free flexible mask is very comfortable, any scent can be added by means of the specially developed scented-pens for anaesthesia. The mask can be left in place for the entire treatment to prevent leakage.

Extraction for your practice

Grodenta offers various options for extracting the gases. The mask system is easy to connect to one of the dental hand aspirators. Of course Grodenta is also your advisor and possible installer with regard to room extraction.

Safety comes first

Grodenta's system allows the doctor to mix oxygen and nitrous oxide from 0% to 50% to adjust the amount per patient to increase comfort.

Other sedation equipment that uses for example (Relivopan, Kalinox, Meopa) only allows the doctor to administer 50% nitrous oxide, which often causes over sedation, anxiety and nausea.

After treatment, you can easily switch to 100% oxygen to safely wash out the remaining nitrous oxide from the client's body. After this, the patient can again participate in traffic or continue everyday activities without any side effects.

The advantages of Grodenta's equipment

  • Possibility to mix nitrous oxide from 0% to 50%, so that there is the right amount per patient optimal sedation can be achieved.
  • Minimum wastage due to a separation of supply and discharge in the tubing system
  • Suitable for both adults and children
  • Mobile GroFlow Dentistry to ensure extra security.
  • Possibility to personalize your equipment with your own logo/theme/idea.

Lease equipment

If the purchase of the equipment is too large an investment, Grodenta offers the possibility to choose to lease the equipment. A lease makes the purchase feasible sooner and spreads the investment over a longer term. Contact us for the possibilities regarding lease.

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