Nitrous oxide sedation
for medical treatments

Grodenta has developed the best applications for medical nitrous oxide sedation through years of experience and expertise. We have developed the perfect set-ups for various departments within the hospital. For example, we are active in the A&E, pediatric wards, Radiology and many other departments.

The focus within these departments is on anxiety and stress reduction so that both adults and children have a better experience during their stay or treatment. The equipment works entirely on gas pressure and can therefore be used within seconds, making Grodenta equipment a reliable and effective aid for many doctors.

The most common application within the medical industry is the full face mask. With the built-in one-way valves and filters, the administration and extraction of the gas is completely separated from each other. This increases hygiene and ensures that leakage and waste are greatly reduced.


The unit is completely mobile and is adapted to the needs of the hospital. Any oxygen and nitrous oxide connections from the wall can be used. Also, 2 liter or 10 liter cylinders can be connected to the device. For each department and location Grodenta will develop, in consultation with the doctors, the best and easiest application. We are happy to think along with you.
Grodenta offers various options for the extraction of gases. Because Grodenta's applications ensure that the oxygen level remains below 24%, it is possible to connect the equipment to the medical vacuum.


Most sedation devices using, for example, Relivopan, Kalinox or Meopa only allow the physician to administer 50% nitrous oxide, which often causes oversedation, anxiety and nausea. In contrast, Grodenta's system allows the physician to mix oxygen and nitrous oxide from 0% to 50%. This makes it possible to adjust the amount per patient which contributes to comfort.

After treatment, it is easy to switch to 100% oxygen to safely wash out the remaining nitrous oxide from the patient's body. After this, the patient can return to traffic or everyday activities without any side effects.

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