About Grodenta

Grodenta is a specialist in nitrous oxide sedation equipment, for dentistry, hospitals and cosmetic/aesthetic clinics.

Family business

Grodenta is a real family business, with the second generation joining a few years ago. More than 30 years ago, Rob de Groot started Grodenta when he saw opportunities for nitrous oxide administration in dental treatments for people with disabilities.

His inspiration for starting the organization? His own father. Rob de Groot grew up with a father who was disabled from an early age and suffered from Parkinson's. This group of patients was difficult to treat by dentists, so the dentist was often shunned. As a result, many people with disabilities had bad or even rotting teeth at a young age. With the use of nitrous oxide sedation, both the dentist and the tense patient could undergo the treatment in a relaxed manner.

In 1988 Rob started Grodenta together with his partner at the time and brought nitrous oxide sedation treatments to the market, initially for Dutch and German dentists. In collaboration with the Special Dentistry Foundation, the formula was successful and many Dutch dentists started using the administration.

Expansion abroad

After the national success of this safe form of sedation, Grodenta expanded further to the neighboring countries of Belgium and Germany. Spontaneous growth arose when the US military settled in Germany after the Cold War. Nitrous oxide sedation has been used in the United States for many years in dental treatments. When the US military settled in Germany in 1992, the demand and need for nitrous oxide sedation in dental treatment in Germany arose. At that time, it was no longer just for people with disabilities, but also for children and adults with fear. In 1992 Grodenta gave the first courses in nitrous oxide sedation in Munich, Amsterdam and at the Universities of Leuven and Ghent.

In 2000, the first Grodenta website came online, which literally put the organization on the map. From that moment on, Grodenta was visible to everyone worldwide. This even gave Grodenta the opportunity to provide courses in Indonesia.

From father to son

From 2018, Rob's son joined Grodenta. Floris de Groot has inherited the passion for nitrous oxide sedation from father Rob from an early age. He used to regularly go to Germany on weekends when his father combined various appointments with a nice weekend away with his son. After graduating in Commercial Economics, he started working for a multinational gas company in order to gain experience. Floris has been working as an account manager at Grodenta since 2018, organizing courses and visiting practices for installations and maintenance. He is also the point of contact for the organization.

After 30 years of nitrous oxide sedation experience, Grodenta has taken a leading position in the Dutch market in 2019, partly due to the collaboration with the ACTA in Amsterdam. Together they provide courses for Dutch dentists for the safe administration of nitrous oxide sedation in dentistry.

Grodenta only has a few employees, so Rob and Floris mainly run the company. Father and son are both entrepreneurs in heart and soul, but customer satisfaction and service are always number one.