Nitrous oxide sedation for medical treatments

With our years of experience and expertise, Grodenta provides the best applications for nitrous oxide sedation in the medical field.
Whether it concerns paediatrics, maternity care, or emergency services, we are the right party to advise, educate, and support you.


Nitrous oxide sedation in the paediatric department offers a safe solution for unpleasant procedures. Reduce anxiety and create a positive mood in children with our advanced nitrous oxide sedation techniques.

Birth care

Our nitrous oxide sedation provides relief during childbirth, with an effective and sustainable approach to reducing pain and increasing comfort.

Emergency care

Nitrous oxide sedation is a valuable tool that supports medical professionals in treating patients quickly and effectively in emergency situations.

Nitrous oxide sedation for medical treatments

Grodenta's advanced nitrous oxide equipment minimises anxiety and stress, ensuring a more pleasant experience for all patients and promoting hygiene through effective separation of gas administration and extraction. Our sustainable equipment with innovative mixers guarantees minimal leakage and waste.

Mobile equipment for your department

Our flexible mobile equipment adapts to the needs of your hospital, with the ability to use both existing wall connections and cylinders. In collaboration with doctors, we develop the most practical application per department and location.

The mobile destruction unit (MDU) is a smart comprehensive solution for administering nitrous oxide to the patient and capturing the remaining nitrous oxide from the exhaled air and completely destroying it. The MDU can easily be moved from treatment room to treatment room and is quiet, effective, and reliable.

✔ Purifies 99% of the nitrous oxide that enters the unit
✔ Healthy working environment for healthcare providers
✔ Simple and reliable to use
✔ Optimal sedation: mix nitrous oxide from 0% to 50%

Safety comes first

Many sedation devices, such as Relivopan, Kalinox, or Meopa, only allow 50% nitrous oxide, which often leads to over-sedation, anxiety, and nausea. Grodenta's system, on the other hand, offers the ability to mix oxygen and nitrous oxide from 0% to 50%, allowing the amount to be tailored to each patient for optimal comfort.

The system enables an easy switch to 100% oxygen after treatment, to safely wash the remaining nitrous oxide out of the patient's body. This allows the patient to participate in traffic or daily activities without side effects.

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